What about Edmonton?

Check out three post-secondary options in Alberta's capital city

University of Alberta

“The campus community is pretty great, too. It really feels as if the U of A is a miniature city within Edmonton. And as you spend more time on campus, it won’t be long until you feel like you recognize everyone.
Now all that might sound overwhelming, but falling in love with the community isn’t difficult. The U of A is a big place, but that just means there’s a place for everyone.” – University Insider Nathan Fung

Concordia University of Edmonton

“Concordia is one of the smaller universities in Edmonton, but that is part of what makes it such a great learning environment. Rather than classes with hundreds of students packed into an auditorium, freshmen at Concordia get a much smaller and more intimate experience. Every professor I’ve ever had has made an effort to learn every name in the classroom. They absolutely love it when students participate and they are readily available to offer help outside the classroom should the student need it. The enthusiastic professors help to create an environment where students are less likely to feel shy about participating in classroom discussions. As an English major with a minor in philosophy, my favourite way to learn is through discussion. The small class sizes also make it much easier to make friends, as you are more likely to find yourself in the same class with students you already met through other courses.” – University Insider Jacob Burgess


“McEwan University is Edmonton’s underdog university—people don’t expect it to be as cool as it really is. MacEwan is host to many exciting events held by the wonderful student association, such as their speaker series, which brings in celebrities such as Jared Keeso of the Letterkenny TV series. Students can also sign up for the fall and winter intramural sports—my favourite being dodgeball.” – University Insider Thai Sirikoone