Mice infestation plagues UAlberta

Mice spotted in Tory Building by graduate students and staff

As if coming back from reading week wasn’t bad enough: students and staff at the University of Alberta now have to contend with one of the worst mice infestations on campus in recent history.

According to campus paper The Gateway, graduate students and staff have witnessed mice eating left-over food and have found waste left behind by the critters in the offices of the Tory Building. Ray Dumouchel, Associate Director of Building and Grounds Service, told The Gateway that the infestation is the worst he’s seen at the U of A:

“It’s not just in Tory; it’s an issue that’s happening not just here on campus but across the city [ … ],” Dumouchel said, though he said he couldn’t explain why the mice population was so much larger this year than in the past. “We’re trying to control it throughout the campus, but it is something that, talking to our pest control company that does all the work here, is a large problem across the city.”

Baiting stations have been set up in the lower floors of the Tory Building, and while offices in the building are typically only cleaned once every two weeks, Dumouchel said that if mice are spotted, the office will be cleaned daily till the mice are gone. He is also asking students and staff to keep their offices tidy and crumb-free, requesting that all food be kept sealed for the time being.

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