Mount Saint Vincent: student life on campus

An insider's guide to the best campus event, live music venue, hangover breakfast and more

The 411

If I wrote the school motto:
“The Mount: Where friends become family”
Best place for a nap:
Seton Academic Centre, 4th Floor
Best cheap lunch:
Burrito Jax. A healthy and filling lunch for less than $10.
Best hangover breakfast:
Mary’s Place Café has simple and hearty breakfast food
Favourite campus food:
Canadian chicken wrap in the Seton Café—ask for chipotle mayo
Best bar for hanging out:
Maxwell’s Plum
Best pizza:
On the Wedge in the Sunnyside Mall
Best place to live:
On campus: Assisi Hall,where you are connected to the principal buildings on campus. Near campus: anywhere in Clayton Park, which is close to bus routes and community centres.
Best place to study:
EMF Communications Centre
Best place for a fancy meal:
Bistro Le Coq
Best campus event:
Caritas Day, where students are excused from classes to volunteer or partner with charitable initiatives around the community
Best giveaway:
The Students’ Union is always giving away free swag
Best live music venue:
The Carleton
If I could change one thing about the school:
Add another ATM at the other end of campus

PROFILE: Mount Saint Vincent University | Halifax, N.S. | Founded 1873

Mount Saint Vincent University, affectionately called the Mount, is a little gem alongside the Bedford Highway. This may not sound like a thrilling location, but it’s advantageous for students living on or off campus. The highway offers a convenient commute for students using public or private transit. You get a stunning view of the Bedford Basin as a consolation for early morning travel. The scenery is also captivating from multiple vantage points on campus.

The Mount’s campus fosters a population of approximately 3,000 students. Unique undergraduate programs at the Mount include child and youth study, public relations, and applied human nutrition. The university chapter of a student’s life does not have to be daunting. From the moment I arrived at the Mount, my fear and apprehension about university life faded. In exchange, I received comfort and support from staff, faculty and the friends that I now call family. At the Mount, you are welcome.

After Class
Crushed-gravel walking trails provide excellent shortcuts to major buildings on campus. Walking in the early morning or late evening can result in a deer sighting. The deer love to greet students and have their photos taken. Whether you use these trails for a relaxing walk, a convenient shortcut or for a scenic photo shoot, they are available for use all year round.
The Mount’s campus also features colourful and conveniently placed Adirondack chairs—you know, just in case you get tired from all that walking and photo-taking.

Local Vibe
There is always something going on in Halifax, but it never gets overwhelming. Students who arrive from busy or quiet communities will find Halifax to be an excellent middle ground. After you’ve made some awesome friends with whom you can explore the city, then art galleries, historical sites and multicultural events are waiting for you. And if downtown is not your scene, Halifax has no shortage of shopping centres dispersed throughout the city.

More Info
Halifax Noise has the best scoop on places to eat, sites to see and events to entertain you. Students can follow Halifax Noise on all major social media platforms.

For up-to-date information on campus life and events, follow the Mount on all social media platforms as well.