Students rep Western on YouTube

Rappers allege “Errbody's good lookin”

School pride at the University of Western Ontario has migrated from the backside of sweatpants and your boyfriend’s football jersey to video quickly gaining popularity on YouTube.

The video, called “White & Purple,” has been dubbed UWO’s “newest anthem” by producer Eddie Manuel and is making the rounds on students’ Facebook walls and emails circulated with the subject line “ZOMG.”

Starring Shayan, Nava40 and Dee Minaj, the video purports that the University of Western Ontario is superior to other institutions of higher education.  Supposedly “reppin’ the school where errbody’s good lookin,’” the performers make a series of allegations which include the fact that its “Ladies [are] blinged out with precious metals,” and “In class errbody’s wearin’ ripped jeans.” At several points throughout the video, students yell “F**k Queen’s” whilst flipping the bird to the camera. Ah, school spirit…

The best rhyme of the piece has to go to one young gentleman whose T-shirt suggests he has been “Fly Since 1985.” Surrounded by comrades on the Mustangs’ football field, he says “Booster Juice got more peeps than the bar / Glitch on WebCT—bonus marks!” Never before has academic misconduct been so fly.

In all seriousness though, great production value and annoyingly catchy. I hope and can’t wait for a Queen’s rebuttal.

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