Université de Moncton: student life on campus

An insider's guide to the best hangover breakfast, campus food and more

The 411

Best place for a fancy meal:
Definitely Piatto on Main Street. It has the best pizza I’ve ever had, from Montreal to New York.
Weirdest tradition:
The engineering faculty’s orientation period; a whole plane was once disassembled and then reassembled in the science building’s atrium
Best place to study:
The Michel-Bastarache library, in the law building, for being probably the most quiet place on campus
Best campus events:
Either the Soirée Internationale (international evening party) or TomorrowLAN
Best cheap lunch:
Each campus building has its own nice little cafeteria
Best giveaway:
Definitely the free CEPS membership
Best hangover breakfast:
The food court on Morton Avenue, only a three-minute walk from campus
Best place for a nap:
Salon Orange, in the language department
Best campus food:
The on-campus farmers’ market
Best live music venue:
The Salle Neil-Michaud in the arts building
Best bar for hanging out with friends:
Le Coude
Best place to live:
In addition to the four student residences on campus, a collection of apartment complexes surrounds the school
If I could change one thing about the school:
Make the buildings closer together

PROFILE: Université de Moncton | Moncton, Edmundston and Shippagan, N.B. | Founded 1963

The Université de Moncton is at the heart of a quickly expanding city. Moncton is already the largest city in New Brunswick and a hub for culture and opportunities. A French-language institution offering many services in English in the middle of a bilingual community, UdeM prides itself on the diversity of both its students and programs. Our medical programs are closely connected to the neighbouring Dr. Georges L. Dumont hospital; our law program teaches common law in French. Language and education programs are overseen by studious and well-connected professors, with students heading across oceans for both exchange programs and their careers.

The Bibliothèque Champlain, our main library, holds the largest collection of French-language academic documents in Atlantic Canada, while its Acadian research centre is the largest in the world.

The campus is located between the city centre and a branch of Moncton’s famous “chocolate river,” the Petitcodiac. Starting south closest to the river is the Lafrance residence building, north of which is the Acadian museum and the Lefebvre residence. Further north still is the student centre, housing the student association as well as some recreational spaces like Le Coude bar. At the northern limits lie the Moncton Stadium as well as the CEPS, our physical education building hosting an Olympic-sized pool and track facilities.

After Class
One of the best things about being part of UdeM is free and unlimited access to the facilities of the CEPS. In addition to a huge pool and running tracks, there is a full-size gym and workout facilities. UdeM is home to numerous student organizations including, but not limited to, our proud Aigles Bleus sports teams, the FÉÉCUM student association, our very own CKUM-FM radio station and a multitude of department-specific clubs. There is bound to be a place for just about anyone in our big family.

Local Vibe
Moncton is a central hub of entertainment, shopping, businesses and education. On top of the Université de Moncton, it is also home to many other post-secondary institutions, so the city is always teeming with students. There are myriad small shops, fancy pubs, restaurants and bars on Main Street—with student specials everywhere. Larger concerts are held at the modern Avenir Centre downtown, which is also home to the Wildcats, Moncton’s hockey team.

More Info
Students will find our main website at indispensable, while our newspaper,, covers student life.