Aircraft wreckage sighted in Atlantic

Debris could be remains of Air France flight, search teams say

Search teams looking for the remains of Air France flight 447—which vanished over the Atlantic Ocean Sunday with 228 passengers aboard— have located aircraft debris, the Times is reporting. “Small remains” were found 650 km northeast of the Fernando do Noronha archipelago, around where the jet was believed to have crashed, the Brazilian air force said, although it couldn’t immediately be confirmed as the wreckage of flight 447. Teams are hoping to recover the aircraft’s “black box” flight recorder to learn what happened after it hit a storm en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. Air France chief executive Pierre-Henri Gourgeon told reporters that the last contact with the plane came in roughly a dozen automatically-generated technical messages “indicating that several systems had broken down…a completely unheard-of situation.”

The Times Online

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