Anti-union bill passed in Wisconsin

Vote called after sixty hours of debate

Wisconsin’s state assembly has passed a controversial bill that would eliminate collective bargaining power for the state’s labour unions. Governor Scott Walker was unmoved by the large protests that have taken over the state’s Capitol building in Madison, saying the union-busting bill was essential to give the government the flexibility needed to close a $3.6-billion budget gap. Walker expects the bill will save $300-million over three years. Wisconsin is a staunch union state, and tens of thousands of protestors have descended on Madison to loudly express their opposition to the controversial measure, which is also being considered by the state legislatures in Ohio and Indiana. The bill was approved 51-17, after Republicans cut off debate shortly after 1:00am after 60 hours of debate. Many Democrats did not have a chance to vote. The motion will now go to the Senate, which also has a Republican majority.


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