Barack Obama vs. Tiger Woods -

Barack Obama vs. Tiger Woods


Barack Obama vs. Tiger Woods

On a golf weekend in Florida, the president of the United States played a round on Sunday with Tiger Woods:

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The President is arriving at The Floridian range. Awaiting is Tiger Woods and club owner Jim Crane. Historic day in golf. Their first round.Tim Rosaforte
The Floridian in Palm City. Where Pres. Obama is staying and where Golf Digest says he’s playing golf with Tiger Brusk
“It’s good to see you play well again,” Obama is said to have told Woods. 

The president apparently prepared to hit the links by signing up for a lesson with one of Tiger’s former coaches:
$1000/Hr: #OnePercenter Obama books World’s Top Golf pro for West Palm Beach vacation… Stance
I don’t know who was happier, @43BH and @CH3golf after working with @BarackObama on his swing, or The President after the Harmon tweaking.Tim Rosaforte
No photos were released of the round, though that did not stop the Twitterverse: 
Floridian Website shut down. Bandwidth limit exceeded.Tim Rosaforte
#ObamaWoodsGolf the President & Tiger Woods are hitting the links today. remember this cover. Wolf
Not going to turn this into Tiger Tracker, but from pro shop at Floridian we received word TW holed out greenside bunker No. 1 for birdie.Tim Rosaforte
“@drginaloudon: MT Pres 2 Rec Golf Lessons” / Somebody snapped a pic of Pres w/ his caddy. Grant
*NOT* a photo of President Obama playing golf with Tiger Woods, but look, until we get pics, it’ll just have to do:
Obama seems really concerned about the sequester – Weekend of Golf in Florida. #pathetic #unitblue #tcot #p2 Janoski
Tiger holing bunker shots, driving par 4s, playing 27 with President Obama, reports my main man @TimRosaforte: Tiger Tracker
Tiger Woods And President Obama Play Golf Together, Constitute Nightmare Scenario For Old White Dudes Garcia
The White House press corps lobbied without success for access to the match up: 
Wish press corps expressed frustration over lack of access to truth about #Benghazi rather than golf weekend. Words
W.H. press corps: ‘Extreme frustration… having absolutely no access’ 2 Obama. It’s golf, right? What R U hiding? #WheresMichelle?Paul R McGinn
While Tweeps noted what was going on while the president was at play: 
Tiger Woods joins President Barack Obama for a round of golf in Florida. TOUR
The national debt is $16,541,000,484,267 & growing. Don’t worry though, Obama’s working hard on the problem while golfing with Tiger Woods.#RepublicanGirlProbs
#forwardonclimate inspiring march! Hope to see progress! (When Obama gets back from his golf vaca) Grossman
If our illustrious leader Obama would stop playing golf for just a minute & open up the Keystone pipe line we might have lower gas prices.David_Belisle
Tens of thousands protest Keystone pipeline at White House while Barack Obama plays golf. Herald
There was this from the president’s Twitter account, while Tiger’s remained silent.
Our North Star: Obama

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