Berlusconi’s wounds worse than first thought

Will take weeks to treat his “physical injuries and mental trauma”

Silvio Berlusconi’s doctors have said it will take weeks at least to treat the “physical injuries and mental trauma” suffered by the Italian prime minister after he was attacked by a mentally ill man in Milan on Sunday. Berlusconi’s nose was broken and he lost two teeth and half a litre of blood in the attack at the end of a political rally. He said it was a “miracle” he had not been blinded when a chunky souvenir made of marble and metal was thrown at his face. The politician’s doctor said the injuries were more serious than initially thought, and he was able to eat only with great difficulty. “I found him shaken, embittered, as if he had been woken from a bad dream—really disheartened,” he said. The Prime Minister has been kept in hospital for another day, and will not be attending the Copenhagen climate change summit this week.

Times of London

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