Blue Jays make Canadians forget about NHL lockout

Aaron Hutchins on a big day in Major League Baseball

Blue Jays make Canadians forget about NHL lockout

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The NHL is still in lockout, but at least the Toronto Blue Jays made all Canadian sports fans forget about it for a day. At the annual Major League Baseball general mangers meeting Tuesday night, Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos pulled off what on paper looks like one of the most lopsided trades in history with the Miami Marlins.
Rival exec: #BlueJays’ Anthopoulos targeting starting pitching, "itching" to make a trade.Ken Rosenthal
For #BlueJays, this trade is just slightly more important than hiring a manager.Ken Rosenthal
Confirmed: Reyes going to #BlueJays. Henderson Alvarez also going to #Marlins.Ken Rosenthal
Again, there are many names in this deal. The big ones: Reyes, Buerhle, Josh Johnson to #BlueJays.Ken Rosenthal
When the dust started to settle, names reportedly going to the Blue Jays included all-star shortstop Jose Reyes, and two big-name starting pitchers: Mark Buerhle and Josh Johnson.
#BlueJays-#Marlins trade not yet official. Source says MLB does not yet have all details.Ken Rosenthal
The jays blockbuster feels like Carter/Alomar deal from 1990. Huge haul from Alex Anthopoulos! Great deal right @Buster_ESPNAdnan Virk, ESPN
I have a feeling that the full trade won’t fit in one tweet when all is said and done.Tao of Stieb
The fact Blue Jays players are pumped and Marlins players are devastated tells you all you need to know.Kyle Matte
Blue Jays star slugger Jose Bautista was pumped.
Its a good day to be a bluejay!Jose Bautista
While Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton was less enthused.
#Marlins stud OF @Giancarlo818 shares his real feelings on the reported blockbuster trade: Sports: MLB
@TaoofStieb AA made a lot of Canadians forget about hockey today. This guy is literally robin hood.Craig Donkin
In fact, the trade was so one-sided in the Blue Jays favour, many were left wondering what was going through the mind of Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria to make the deal.
How does the phone call from Marlins to Jays go? "Hey, you interested in all our good players?" "Who you want in return?" Doesn’t matter.Marc Hochman
Breaking- the Miami Marlins have just traded the kitchen sink. More details as they become availableEli Manning
Marlins also trade South Beach for the Gardiner ExpresswayElliotte Friedman
Alex Anthopoulos: "We’ll take everything you have" Jeffrey Loria: "Even the home run sculpture?" AA: "Well not EVERYTHING" #Marlins #JaysJay Onrait
Marlins = that guy who talks big during fantasy draft, doesn’t set lineup after week 1, trades stars in lopsided deal, wants to play next yrKevin Negandhi
New #Marlins season ticket promotion: Every game, one lucky fan WILL play shortstop!Matthew Berry
The Toronto Blue Jays have just acquired all of the Miami Marlins that you’ve ever heard of. All of them.Adam Sternbergh
Alex Anthopulos acquires players like most folks buy toilet paper: in bulk. Marlins are front runners for this off season’s Costco award.Dirk Hayhurst
Don’t know quite what this means at the moment, but NHL owners just demanded 50% of the Blue Jays’ haul in that Marlins trade.Adam Proteau
Oddest part of this Jays/Marlins deal: It needed the approval of an unidentified "man in white" seated in the center field seats at SkyDome.Adam Proteau
Fireworks going off in Brampton! Is the #Jays deal that big?Chris Cuthbert
All the while, the team remains without a manager after John Farrell left this off-season for his “dream job” with the Boston Red Sox.
John Farrell just said, "Is that Toronto job still open? Always dreamed of managing a lineup like that."Dave Hodge – TSN
BREAKING: John Farrell just told the Red Sox Toronto is his dream job.Devon Peacock
John Farrell can be heard screaming "Stupid! Stupid!"Jason Dickson
how you like them apples John Farrell? ~ Toronto #BlueJaysCarlo Siochi
Flop sweating already. RT @markjaro: All the #jays need now is to hire @TaoofStieb as the new manager and they are set to make a run.Tao of Stieb