Bob Rae wants to win over Quebec

Interim Liberal leader says “ blockage” in Quebec has cleared, Liberals must move in

Renamed “Bob the Re-builder” by party members hoping for an imminent comeback, Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae has expressed his party’s need to re-evaluate its methods, particularly in Quebec. During a visit to Montreal on Sunday, Rae—who is currently engaged in a cross-Canada summer tour aimed at getting feedback on how the Liberals can “better express our values and ideas”—cited poor organization and bad communication as factors in the Liberal’s near obliteration in this year’s federal election (the party plummeted from 77 seats to only 34). Rae says that “blockage” in Quebec has ended, and the Liberals must work to make themselves as much a realistic option for Quebecers as the NDP proved to be.

The Vancouver Sun


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