Britain has voted -

Britain has voted

Hung parliament may result in a coalition government


As counting continues in the U.K., David Cameron’s Conservatives have secured the most MPs with a current total of 302, according to a BBC projection, but will ultimately fall short of the total needed—326—to win an overall majority in the House of Commons. Gordon Brown’s Labour party currently sits with 256 MPs and Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats have 56. In this scenario of a hung parliament, which hasn’t occurred in Britain since 1974, no single party commands enough parliamentary votes to pass laws without the support of members of other parties. In the past, the sitting prime minister has been given the first chance to try to form a government—even if his party didn’t win the largest number of seats. On Friday, however, Clegg said the Conservatives should be given the “first right” to form a government because they won the most seats. Brown has stated that Cameron and Clegg should “clearly be entitled to take as much time as they feel is necessary” if the two decide to negotiate a possible coalition.



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