Bumper-to-bumper Republican race drags on after Romney fails to take off on Super Tuesday

Even after securing six out of 10 victories on Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney continues to be a weakling front-runner. His wins yesterday were not as resounding as expected, giving hopes to his opponents that he might still be a beatable candidate.

There is no shaking off Romney’s image as the that-will-have-to-do candidate.

Here’s how the Globe put it:

Indeed, if Mr. Romney cannot win the nomination on the strength of his personality or policies, he aims to secure it through a mathematical war of attrition.

And here’s the New York Times’ take:

Mitt Romney won the delegates, but not necessarily the argument.


Romney fails to attract conservative support.

The BBC’s Mark Mardel:

Mitt Romney has inched ahead. On paper, looking at the mathematics, he is obviously the winner. But the point is he’s failed to seal the deal. He has the best organisation and the most money but can’t deliver a knockout blow.

International Spanish-language newspaper El País:

And the winner is… Obama!

You get the picture.