Canada freezes Gadhafi's assets

Commercial activicites with Libya may continue

As world leaders discuss possible courses of action to bring humanitarian aid to the Libyan people, Ottawa has announced several key commitments in its effort to aid the Libyan opposition. Canada will join an international effort to airlift aid to parts of the country already controlled by the opposition. In addition, a 13-person special forces reconnaissance team will be sent to Malta, where four Canadian Forces planes are already stationed to aid evacuation efforts. Ottawa also imposed a unilateral ban on financial transactions with the Libyan government, which do not halt all commercial activities in the country, but do prevent any payments to Gadhafi’s regime. Meanwhile, the U.S. has repositioned air and naval capabilities in the region, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is working with allies to establish a no-fly zone, and France has sent planes with medical assistance to Benghazi.

The Globe and Mail

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