Chew, but don’t spit

R.J. Reynolds is pushing a new, spit-free chewing tobacco

The famous tobacco Camel logo is back, but Joe is not selling cigarettes this time. R.J. Reynolds, which owns the brand, is launching a new product in the United States called Camel Snus. If that sounds gross, well, it kind of is. Snus (sounds like snoose) is being marketed as a “spitless” chewing tobacco. It has less salt than traditional chaw, so there’s less saliva build-up. An ad campaign in the U.S. describes it as “fancy hotel friendly” and “your flight just got cancelled friendly”. Marlboro is also test-marketing snus in the U.S. With cigarette usage on the decline, snus, which is already popular in Sweden, is part of a push by tobacco companies to sell more so-called ‘smokeless’ products. R.J. Reynolds voluntarily stopped advertising cigarettes in magazines last year, but says that this ad campaign doesn’t mark a reversal of that policy.

New York Times

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