Chilean slums get solar-powered hot water heaters -

Chilean slums get solar-powered hot water heaters

Pilot program installed in disparate communities


A new pilot program will see solar water heaters installed in the homes of low-income families in Chile, helping poor families while reducing greenhouse gases, Reuters reports. In Chile, which has very different climate zones and few fossil fuels, coming up with a nationwide energy solution has been a challenge. The program is set to start in Santiago, the capital; Curanilahue, a southern town; and Combarala, in the desert. Jacquelin Marin, who has no hot running water at home, said she never could afford a water heater now; but after she and her shantytown neighbours created a housing committee, they saved up, staged protests, and were finally awarded subsidies from the Chilean housing ministry to start a new project. President of the housing committee Juntas Podemos, said it was hard going without water and electricity at the new site, but ultimately worth it. The first Chilean housing project with these energy saving methods will be called, “We Women Can.”


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