Chris Bosh chooses Miami over Toronto

“A golden opportunity,” says ex-Raptor

It’s official, Raptors fans: Chris Bosh is a goner. The leading scorer and rebounder in franchise history confirmed this morning that he plans to sign a lucrative contract with the Miami Heat, where he will team up with fellow all-star Dwayne Wade. “We’ve wanted to play with each other and we have a golden opportunity to that,” Bosh told ESPN. “I wanted to choose the best situation for me and my family and Miami was the best decision for me.” It’s not clear yet whether it’s the best decision for Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo. An unrestricted free agent, Bosh is eligible for a five-year deal worth up to US$90 million. But if he agrees to work with the Raptors on a sign-and-trade package, he could snag a six-year deal worth up to US$120 million—and score some players in return for his former team. The Raps have yet to hear from Bosh’s people, so they’re not sure which option he’ll choose. Either way, though, his Raptors days are over. As Chuck Swirsky would say: “Oh my Bosh!”