Chris Hadfield takes command of ISS: 'We're going to put some miles on it'

Astronaut becomes first Canadian to command International Space Station

@Cmdr_Hadfield takes command of the International Space Station

With keys to ‘the spaceship’ in hand, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has officially taken command of the International Space Station. He accepted the duties from Kevin Ford, who had been head of ISS since November.

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Good Morning, Earth! A Wednesday in space, time for 16 sunrises, a day of research work, and tonight Kevin hands me the spaceship’s keys.Chris Hadfield
Crew stands at attention as #Canada’s national anthem plays @Cmdr_Hadfield
“Thank you very much for giving me the keys to the family car,” Hadfield said during the handover. “We’re going to put some miles on it, but we’ll bring it back in good shape.”
@Cmdr_Hadfield takes charge. #ISS #Canadaisproud McDowall
Proud moment for Canada! @Cmdr_Hadfield just became Commander of Space Station! Saint-Jacques
With a handshake Canada’s @Cmdr_Hadfield has command. ‘In all our son’s command’. Pardon my literary licence. #ISS McDowall
@ Cmdr_Hadfield took command of the #ISS Wed, while 3 Exp34 crew members prepare for return to Earth on Thurs. Space Center
“With great humility and pleasure, I accept command of the International Space Station,” Hadfield said.
Statement by @Cmdr_Hadfield, first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station: #CANcmdrCanadianSpaceAgency
Tonight’s Finale: Be proud of our achievements, but don’t stop there. We’re heading towards the future, not the past. Hadfield
Earlier in the day, the astronaut responded to some of his fans: 
@Cmdr_Hadfield, congratulations on getting the keys to the #ISS! Drive safe!Adam Savage
Congratulations @cmdr_hadfield, first commonwealth commander of a Space Station. I join HMQ in saluting himStephen Fry
@stephenfry Thank you, Stephen! From a middling busy day on Space Station. Very much appreciated.Chris Hadfield
Today is a landmark day as @Cmdr_Hadfield becomes the first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station. Bravo!David Johnston
.@BritishMonarchy If anything can make one’s jaw drop in weightlessness, it is to be honoured by the Queen herself. I am amazed & humbled.Chris Hadfield
.@GGDavidJohnston Thank you, Your Excellency. Since we first met at U Waterloo, you have been a role model to me of a life well-lived.Chris Hadfield
… while keeping an eye on world events: 
Rome, the Vatican, and the surrounding hills. I’m not certain you can make out the new pope from here, though. Hadfield
For the record, here’s how Hadfield spent his last day NOT in command of the ISS: 
Morning on Space Station. Time to shave, shampoo and sponge bath.Water is short. A hot lingering shower is one thing I really miss!Chris Hadfield
Such an endearing little lake. In the upper Amazon, Brazil. Hadfield
This central Asian mining town looks best from orbit, I suspect. The stark winter colours are almost pretty. Hadfield
Havana has a beautifully protected harbour, as well as some of the Caribbean’s most stunning architecture. Hadfield
Enormous eddy off the Italian coast. Hadfield
Vancouver basking in the sunshine, from North Van to Tsawwassen, with the Fraser river discharging sediment. Hadfield
Victoria, B.C. High-tech hub (not just tea and flowers –, as clear as I’ve ever seen it. Hadfield
Tonight’s finale: Canadarm2, poised on the edge of night. Big day tomorrow! Hadfield
Beautiful blood orange, freshly-delivered from California. It was delicious – thanks @SpaceX! Hadfield
Time for a little Twitter with Mia Farrow:
@Cmdr_Hadfield Hi Commander! Thanks for your tweets & AWEsome photos.mia farrow
@Cmdr_Hadfield Beyond excited to hear from you!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this communication from SPACE!! God speedmia farrow
.@MiaFarrow Greetings, Mia, a delight to hear from you. You would LOVE seeing the World this way. Such a beautiful balance that is our home.Chris Hadfield
Also … this: 
One of my two apples delivered on Dragon. I stuck Velcro on the bottom so I could set it down between bites. Hadfield