Climate change to blame for muddy Olympics: Campbell -

Climate change to blame for muddy Olympics: Campbell

B.C. premier says carbon tax needed now more than ever


Cypress Mountain looked more like a mud bath than a ski slope for much of the Vancouver Games, and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell thinks he knows why: climate change. “In British Columbia,” he said, “we live with the problems that have been created by climate change. You just can’t turn your back on that.” However, Andrew Weaver, a climate scientist at the University of Victoria cautioned against relying on the all-too-common fallacy of linking weather and climate to argue the province is suffering the effects of climate change. “You can never point to a single weather event and say it is due to global warming,” he said. “The scientific community would get creamed for that.” Campbell’s claim greenhouse gas emissions wreaked havoc on his province’s Olympics comes just as the premier is girding for battle over his controversial carbon tax.

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