Conrad Black calls BBC interviewer a 'priggish, gullible, British fool'

And prides himself for not "getting up and smashing your face in"

“Stop this bourgeois priggishness!” cried Conrad Black, Baron of Crossharbour and scourge of the bourgeoisie. The man who brought on Black’s outburst was BBC host Jeremy Paxman, who sat down with him for a TV interview. After Paxman called him a “criminal,” Black angrily dismissed his fraud conviction and prison sentence as a product of the U.S.’s justice system—“The whole system is a fraudulent, fascistic conveyor belt”—and commended himself for not “smashing” Paxman’s face in. During the same round of interviews, Black appeared with Sky News host Adam Boulton, derided his questions and asked at one point, “What’s your name again?” Black has no time to learn the name of bourgeois prigs.