Controversial activist Wiebo Ludwig dies at home at the age 70

Famous for protecting his land against the oil and gas industry

Wiebo Ludwig, the convicted saboteur and controversial eco-activist has died at the age of 70 at his home in Alberta on Monday. Ludwig had esophageal cancer and died surrounded by family, according to a statement from his son Josh.

“We will miss him as one who steadfastly and selflessly upheld the hope of the Gospel of Christ, as a loving husband, father and grandfather,” said the statement.

Hero to some and terrorist to others, Ludwig’s encounters with the law made him famous in Canada and abroad for challenging the oil and gas industry to protect his land. Featured in films and books, Ludwig claimed that sour gas wells near his farm around Hythe, Alta., led to health problems for his family and animals.

In 2000, Ludwig was convicted in the bombing of Suncor gas wells in Alberta, serving just under two years of a 28-month sentence. A year before the sentencing, one teen was shot dead and another was wounded while joyriding in pickups on Ludwig’s property. The incident prompted a police search of the property but nobody was charged for lack of evidence.