Costa Concordia captain apologizes for 'banal accident'

Captain Francesco Schettino has apologized, in part, for his role in the Costa Concordia shipwreck which caused over 30 fatalities this year. 

According to The Telegraph, Schettino, in his first interview since the wreck, told Italy’s Canale 5 television that he was distracted when the cruise liner hit rocks on January 15th, and  described the wreck as a “banal accident” characterized by “misunderstandings” in which “destiny” played a role.

He did, however allow that, as captain “it’s normal that [he] should apologize as a representative of this system” 

Schettino is charged with multiple manslaughter for causing the accident and abandoning his ship. Investigators say he recklessly brought the ship too close to shore, and escaped the wreck in a lifeboat before the 2,400 passengers on board were evacuated. He was recently released from house arrest. 

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