CSIS director: 'I will not be stepping down'

Fadden defends comments suggesting some Canadian politicians are foreign agents

CSIS director Richard Fadden defended the statements he made in a a remarkably candid interview with CBC News before a Commons committee on Monday, insisting he has no intention of stepping down over his controversial assertion some public officials in Canada are under the influence of foreign governments. Though Fadden pledged he “would not offer such detail again,” he defended his openness as “good public policy” and said his comments “did not in any way threaten national security.” However, Fadden wouldn’t reveal the names of which public officials he was referring to despite persistent questioning by MPs who accused him of tainting the their profession. Rather, he plans to offer that information to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews in an upcoming report. “I revealed one small detail,” Fadden testified, “which as I’ve said, I regret, but no, I will not be stepping down.”