Cutting Calories May Boost Memory Power

Eating less improves memory

Cutting the cream out of your coffee will help you lose a couple pounds, but it may also help boost your memory power. A new study published Monday in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that cutting calories may lead to a better memory. The study involved 50 men and women aged 50 to 72 whose body weight ranged from normal to overweight and were broken up into different test groups. One group kept their regular eating patterns but reduced caloric intake by 30 per cent (through portion size), while the second group kept the number of calories they were eating the same but were told to eat 20 per cent more healthy, or unsaturated fat. A third group made no dietary changes. After three months, researchers at the University of Munster, Germany, say participants took tests memorizing words and the calorie-restricted group averaged a 20 percent improvement in their memory performance while the other two groups exhibited no significant change. The researching neurologists say the improvement in memory may be due to lower insulin levels increasing the sensitivity of receptors in the brain. The study is believed to be the first of its kind linking improved memory in people with lower-calorie diets.

The New York Times