Dave Pickton, brother of a notorious killer, starts a charity in Ghana

For the second time in less than a month, Dave Pickton, whose brother Robert admitted to killing 49 women in B.C., is in the news. According to a story in Monday’s Vancouver Province, Pickton claims to have started a charity for the poor in Ghana. The news comes weeks after a poster campaign warning sex workers of Pickton’s presence in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside came to light.

From the Province:

Pickton told The Province on Sunday night that a trip to Ghana inspired him to start the Pickton Foundation.

“If you travel there, you will know why,” said Pickton. “Kids don’t have anything to eat.”

Pickton said during his travels in Ghana, he became ill after swallowing a tiny amount of tainted water.

“I had a capful of water, and I got sick,” said Pickton. “Clean water and food to keep them going is the key, and then getting some farmland.”