Dear Earth: Happy Valentine's Day from @Cmdr_Hadfield -

Dear Earth: Happy Valentine’s Day from @Cmdr_Hadfield

Astronaut challenges Tweeps to come up with a #valentinefromspace


Dear Earth: Happy Valentine’s Day from @Cdmr_Hadfield

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February 14th greetings from Chris Hadfield: 
"My heart glows like the Northern Lights when I think of you, my Valentine."Chris Hadfield
Good Morning, Earth! Happy St. Valentine’s Day! Today I will send some Space Valentines from orbit for you to send to your beloved.Chris Hadfield
Without you my heart is a lonely iceberg. #ValentineFromSpace Hadfield
You’re the island on the horizon when my heart is out to sea. Hadfield
@Cmdr_Hadfield challenged Tweeps to imagine a #ValentineFromSpace. Here’s the response so far: 
Over the course of the day, I will be popping in to retweet the best #ValentineFromSpace I can find. Bring on your cheesiest!Chris Hadfield
@Cmdr_Hadfield Betelgeuse is red. Rigel is blue. Neither of these stars shine as bright as you. #valentinefromspaceDale Foote
@Cmdr_Hadfield "I’d spend 1000 years on the dark side of the moon if it meant one day in the sun with you." #spacecheese #valentinefromspaceRich Crosby
@Cmdr_Hadfield "My love for you burns brighter than a solid rocket booster, my Valentine." #ValentineFromSpaceMarjan
@Cmdr_Hadfield Love as a black hole : infinite attraction, so dangerous but absolute need to know what’s behind… #ValentineFromSpaceFlorence Porcel
You are the thrusters that keep me in orbit when the world tries to bring me down. #valentinefromspace @Cmdr_Hadfielddrewski
Plus … some photos from Feb. 13: 
The Caribbean and the ISS sharing an evening yesterday – wonderful and peaceful end to the day H. Marshburn
Look to the horizon to see how thin Earth’s atmosphere truly is. Hadfield
This is such a phenomenal place to be. I’m an adult busy working, but the little boy in me is screaming and running around and laughing.Chris Hadfield
Air and pepper oil suspended in a water blob. I blew on it to make it wiggle. Hadfield
Lyon, France, glowing under a touch of February cloud. Hadfield
The busy Saudi port city of Dhahran, and the bridge to Bahrain. An incredible sea of humanity, as-seen from space. Hadfield
Center-pivot irrigation farms mining an ancient reef of deep water. Hadfield
Wide angle look at the Southern UK – despite the blur from clouds you can make out many cities and the overall shape. Hadfield
Tonight’s finale: The Sun just over the horizon silhouettes the complexities of our atmosphere. Hadfield

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