Deborah Coyne joins race for Liberal leadership -

Deborah Coyne joins race for Liberal leadership


John Geddes spoke to Deborah Coyne this morning. Click here to read the Q & A.

There might be more than one link to the glory days of Trudeau in the Liberals leadership contest.

While Pierre Trudeau’s eldest son, Justin, is reconsidering his stance on not entering the race the mother of his only daughter, Deborah Coyne, has joined the competition.

Coyne says she’s running because she believes Canadians are sick of partisan politics which gives the Liberals a chance to re-emerge as a party of “bold, principled” national leadership.

She doesn’t think that running against a Trudeau will be problematic, she told the Canadian Press.

“Our families have always been very separate so I have not been speaking to Justin Trudeau,” Coyne told The Canadian Press, wishing him “all the best” in whatever he decides to do.

“If the two of us happen to end up in the leadership contest together, I don’t see anything awkward about that. I think that’s wonderful.

“The more people you have in, bringing different perspectives to bear, different suggestions about where the country should go, different ideas for rebuilding the party, the better.””

The Liberal leadership contest doesn’t formally begin until November, and ending in a leadership convention in April.

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