Defence department loses 1,100 jobs; more cuts expected Wednesday

You can bet that the water-cooler talk among federal bureaucrats Wednesday will be about which jobs will go, and which will stay.

After Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced $5.2 billion in cuts, public servants are expected to start receiving word about which jobs will be eliminated. And, as the Globe and Mail is reporting, a “substantial” number of federal departments will know the details Wednesday.

One of the first to report cuts is the Defence Department, which has revealed that it will lose 1,100 civilian jobs, the CBC reports. The Union for National Defence Employees said the job losses will be spread out across the country, and will affect military bases and reserve sites.

The Defence Department took the single largest chunk of spending cuts in last week’s budget ($1.1 billion). In total, the budget said 19,200 jobs would be “affected” by the spending cuts, while outlining that people in these positions will have options like retiring early, or switching jobs with an unaffected employee who would rather bow out ahead of time. After those options have been exhausted, remaining positions will be decided by management according to ability and merit—not seniority.