Don Cherry goes trollin' ... Tweeps comply -

Don Cherry goes trollin’ … Tweeps comply


Don Cherry goes trollin’ … Tweeps comply

It’s never news when Don Cherry says something stupid on Coaches Corner. Even still, there are times — like Saturday night, for example — when there’s simply no ignoring the words that come out of his mouth:

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"we do not have crime in hockey. We do not have drugs in hockey. We all respect ourselves and others" -don cherry #hockeynightincanadaCam Nickels
Don Cherry "We don’t have drugs in hockey" #HNIC #naiveDavid Rombough
‘(Hockey is) the only sport in the world where we have respect for each other and are polite’ – Don Cherry. Over to you, Twitterverse! #hnicjian ghomeshi
Just got caught up on what Don Cherry said. Um, what?Jake Goldsbie
If Don Cherry believes there’s no drugs in hockey he’s either very old, very naive or both.Chicago Sports
Catching up on Don Cherry, and he said there were no drugs in hockey, and that ties make you good, and it’s official: He’s my late grandma.Bruce Arthur
But seriously, Don Cherry said there are no drugs in hockey, the year after Derek Boogaard died of an overdose.Bruce Arthur
One thing is for sure. The @NHL faux war on reckless play leading to needless injuries is much a farce as the war on drugs. #shamJeff Quirin
Only in hockey could don cherry show guys fighting each other for 3 minutes and then talk about how hockey is the only game with respect.Phil M
I’m laughing so hard at the Don Cherry quotes tonight. Almost falling off my chair.Sean Hartnett
Don Cherry is so out of touchJZ
Don Cherry said stupid stuff? You don’t say! Also: water is wet. Glad I changed channel & skipped coach’s cornerLisa Marie
Don Cherry is terrible. Every time I watch coaches corner I’m always left wondering "What the f*** is he talking about"?Dwayne Brown
It’s pretty much common knowledge now that Don Cherry is Canada’s version of Donald Trump… Except with hockey.Colin O’Neill
My TL is covered in Cherry hate. If you don’t like him, why do so many people watch? Is there nothing else on tv?Jinja Ninja
I see that "Don Cherry" is trending. Surely can’t be anything controversial…Danne D
Get Don Cherry off my TVTommy

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