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Drug bust at Justin Bieber’s mansion after egging

Justin Bieber’s Los Angeles-area home was searched after a neighbour said vandalism racked up $20,000 in damages, unidentified man arrested


An egg-throwing act of vandalism culminated in a search of Justin Bieber’s mansion, $20,000 worth of damages to a neighbour’s home and a drug arrest – of someone other than the Biebs.

The Los Angeles Times reported that police obtained a search warrant for the 19-year-old pop star’s home near Los Angeles looking for evidence in an alleged egging incident last Thursday (think video footage more than empty egg cartons), which the homeowner valued at $20,000. “It is a very nice home with an expensive decor,” L.A. County Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker told the Times.

Instead of eggs, however, police say they found cocaine, and arrested another man for possession.

The Biebs and entourage fully cooperated with police while they were temporarily detained, but CBC reported that Lt. Dave Thompson said the singer “has not been arrested, nor exonerated.”

In late 2013, Bieber left his graffiti mark in Bogota, Colombia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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