Finally, a flying car

Driveable airplane, at less than $200,000, will be available in 2011

While everybody seems to be paying attention to, and incessantly ridiculing, the new two-wheeled electric dork pod … er, car from General Motors and the people behind the Segway, a company in Boston has finally brought us the vehicle we’ve been waiting for since the Jetsons — the flying car. Well, actually it’s a driveable airplane. The company, Terrafugia, says the target market is pilots looking for a light sports plane they can drive home and park in their own garage at night. It takes just 30-seconds for the wings to retract (watch the video at The plane-car just undertook its first 30-second flight and won’t be commercially available until 2011. Even so the company has already received 49 orders, at US$194,000.

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