First question: 'Yanks, NFL or VP debate?'

Twitter is alive with speculation, questions and questions about questions

First question on debate night: ‘Yankees, NFL or VP debate?’

Thursday night and lots of things happening ALL AT ONCE. In advance of the debate between the Republican’s Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden, Twitter is alive with speculation, questions and questions about questions

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Let’s start with some suggested questions: 
The every question in the VP debate tonight should start with "imagine the president just died..what would.." McG
If I were moderator, my first question tonight: "So, like, what does the Vice President do and all?"Joshua Malina
If I were the moderator tonight, I’d ask Paul Ryan whether he’s concerned that smaller government will make his ears look even bigger.Joshua Malina
Tonight’s VP debate demands a question about who would look better washing a Trans Am shirtless. For America.Justin Hyde
VP DEBATE QUESTION: "Rep. Ryan. Are you concerned that tax breaks for the rich will make you look more like a werewolf?"…The Daily Shit
Paul Ryan’s bicep asks tonight’s first VP debate question: ‘Joe Biden, why are you so flabby?’ Six
Most Obvious VP debate question: "If you are elected Vice President, what is your plan to not do shit and be irrelevant?"Edward Emerling
Others posed questions about the debate itself: 
Serious question: If the VP debate tonight has a Zeppelin trivia round, who wins?RobWesley
Question of the Day: Will Big Bird’s name come up tonight at the VP Debate?Patrick Dean
My no. 1 question going into tonight’s VP debate: Does Biden make an off-color joke about K-Y?Rafe Lewis
Can’t wait to watch the VP debate tonight on #TheBlazeTV The question tonight: Is Joe Biden qualified to keep his job? #SarahPalinTheChristianRepublic
Serious question – Where is the best place in #ChapelHill to watch a VP debate & Thursday Night Football? #dontsayathomeDonald McMillan
QUESTION: Will today be remembered as the day of the VP debate or the day of Time’s Paul Ryan pictures?HuffPost Media
@SkipTerrio Serious question: what’s the point of a VP debate?Gary
Finally, others had more general questions about Thursday night: 
Question is whether I should watch the Thursday Night Football or the VP debate tonight.Hyomin Shin (신효민)
Hmmm VP debate or the steelers game? Jk that’s not actually a question.Joe Rosenbloom
@julieplec vp debate or vampire diaries premiere? is that even a question? #TVDftw #prioritiesAlexandra P
Missing the VP debate tonight due to Bible Study class. Keeping priorities! Question: should I DVR or just follow the Twitter-sphere after?pegster36