Former Harper aide charged with fraud -

Former Harper aide charged with fraud

Bruce Carson, a former aide to Prime Minister Harper,  has been charged with influence peddling after being accused of illegal lobbying, reports The Globe and Mail.
In a statement released today, the “A” Division Commercial Crime Section of the RCMP said Caron was charged with one count of fraud on the government. From The Globe:
Mr. Carson is accused of lobbying the office on Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan on behalf of his fiancée, a former escort who was trying to sell water-purification systems to first nations.
Additionally, there are allegations that Carson lobbied the Natural Resources department on behalf of the Canada School of Energy and the Environment for $25 million in federal funding. The school was started with a $15 million federal grant.

Carson is being investigated by federal Lobbying Commissioners Karen Shepherd and Mary Dawson. He is expected in court for this charge in early September.

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