G20 police get more powers

Cops get authorization to search anyone along the security fence

Starting this past Monday, police in Toronto were granted additional powers for the duration of the G20 summit after Ontario’s cabinet quietly passed new legislation without debate on June 2. Officers can now search anyone who approaches the security fence surrounding much of the downtown core and anyone within five metres of the security area is obliged identify themselves and state the nature of their business. Police are also allowed to refuse access and use whatever force they deem necessary to keep people out. Anyone that refuses to identify themselves can be fined up to $500. “We’re bound by duty to protect the people that are going be within that fence line,” said Sgt. Tim Burrows of the G8/G20 Integrated Security Unit. “If you refuse to tell us [why you’re there], then we have to assume that your purposes are not of a peaceful nature.” There have already been several arrests made under the new rules.

CBC News