G20 police seized man's prosthetic leg, called it a weapon

Ont. man alleges officer then told him to "hop" to paddy wagon

A 57-year-old Ontario man claims a police officer grabbed his prosthetic leg and “yanked it right off” during last month’s G20 summit in Toronto. John Pruyn, a Revenue Canada employee, was attending what he described as a peaceful protest on the lawn of the provincial legislature when the incident happened. Police were apparently moving into the area when Pruyn was seized by officers who pinned him to the ground and handcuffed his hands. That’s when one officer seized his leg. “Then he said, ‘Hop!’ but I told them I couldn’t because it hurts for me to hop on my right leg,” Mr. Pruyn recalled. “Then the cop said, ‘OK, you asked for it’ and two officers grabbed me under my armpits and dragged me away from Queen’s Park towards the police vans.” Pruyn was released the next day without charge and given back his prosthetic leg, which police had confiscated as a weapon.

National Post