Gary Bettman offers new deal to players, hopes to save the season

TORONTO – The NHL has presented a new offer to the players that it hopes will end the lockout and allow for a full 82-game season.

League commissioner Gary Bettman says the long-term deal will split revenues with players 50-50 across the board and takes steps to guarantee the players will get full value from their existing deals.

Bettman says under the deal the season would start Nov. 2 and each team would have one additional game every five weeks in order to get a full season in.

Bettman says the proposal is now in the hands of the NHL Players’ Association. The union has requested time to look the proposal over.

The current lockout is just over a month old.

The season was to start Oct. 11, but the two sides were not able to come to an agreement before then and the first 82 games of the schedule were scrapped.