Generation chasm -

Generation chasm

Nothing divides the U.S by age more than gay rights


According to a new report by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, young adults (18 to 29) are almost twice as likely to say homosexuality should be accepted by society as those 65 and older—63 per cent versus 35 per cent. Surveys showed that less than a third of the so-called Millennial adults saw Hollywood as a threat to their moral values compared to 44 per cent of those 30 and over. The gap narrowed on the question of evolution; while only 47 per cent of older Americans accepted evolution, 55 per cent of Millennials did, a figure that many scientists would still find alarmingly low. “Young people are more accepting of homosexuality and evolution than are older people. They are also more comfortable with having a bigger government, and they are less concerned about Hollywood threatening their values,” said the report, which was released on Wednesday.


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