Gomery blasts the Tories

"On the transparency issue, its promises have simply not been fulfilled," says the retired judge

John Gomery’s searing report on the sponsorship scandal may have ultimately helped to bring down the beleaguered Martin Liberals. But according to the retired Superior Court judge, despite having campaigned on a platform of “integrity, accountability and transparency,” so far, the Harper government’s performance on that front has been a disappointment. “On the transparency issue, its promises have simply not been fulfilled,” he told a Fredericton audience of public administrators earlier this week, as reported by the Telegraph Journal. Speaking with reporters afterwards, he denounced the track record of the current government as “very bad,” adding that, in his view, “frankly, the government needs to be criticized for that.” Among his biggest regrets, he said, was not including a “specific recommendation to overhaul the Access to Information Act” in his final report. “I believed, I guess a little naively, that a revised law was in the works and would see the light of day eventually. More than three years later, we are still waiting.”