Gone native?

Buy America "bad policy," according to former U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins

After not-so-patiently awaiting the arrival of his replacement for the last eight months, at least the former U.S. ambassador is on Canada’s side in the ongoing battle over the Buy America provisions passed by Congress earlier this year. The Toronto Star reports that David Wilkins is “applauding” International Trade Minister Stockwell Day’s efforts to eke out a waiver, although he’s not sure if he’ll have much luck. “I think it’s exactly right to ask,” Wilkins told the Star’s Susan Delacourt during a visit to his former diplomatic stomping grounds last week. “I just think it’s bad policy. It’s unfortunate that this protectionist trend is continuing.” According to Wilkins, his successor—Chicago lawyer and Obama confidante David Jacobson—is “excited about coming to Canada and keen to get to know the country.” Although he hasn’t yet been formally confirmed, Jacobson is expected to be on the job by the end of September.

Toronto Star