Graham James' two-year sentence for sexual assault called a 'national travesty' -

Graham James’ two-year sentence for sexual assault called a ‘national travesty’

A two-year sentence for convicted sex-abuser Graham James led to widespread anger across Canada


The sentencing of former hockey coach Graham James for two years of prison time has been called a “national travesty” by victims Todd Holt and Theo Fleury. James had pleaded guilty in December of 2011 to sexually assaulting both players in the ’80s and ’90s when he coached the two in the Western Hockey League.

According to the Globe and Mail, another of James’ victims, Greg Gilhooly, was sitting in court when the sentence was announced and shook his head in disbelief and said “This isn’t justice.” After the sentencing, Fleury took to Twitter to push for change in the legislation, sparking an online debate over the fact that “the sentences don’t come close to the damage that it leaves in its wake,” according to yet another victim of James, former NHL player Sheldon Kennedy.

Newspapers across the country carried editorials and columns from different sides of the political spectrum on Wednesday, denouncing the two-year sentence as too lenient for a convicted sex-abuser.

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