Guergis accuses PMO of smear campaign

Former Conservative cabinet minister wants an explanation from Harper

Helena Guergis is accusing the Prime Minister’s Office of running a smear campaign against her, resulting in her expulsion from the Conservative caucus and cabinet even after she was cleared by the RCMP. During a press conference held in her riding of Simcoe-Grey on Friday, Guergis said there was a deliberate effort on the part of the PMO to spread lies about her alleged criminal behaviour, including drug abuse and attempts to use her public office to secure illegal contracts. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was unapologetic, and reaffirmed his decision to kick Guergis out of the caucus. “There were, as you know well, a range of political problems around this individual,” said Harper. “There is simply no desire to see the return of this individual to caucus.” Guergis says the PMO never explained why she was expelled from the caucus, despite that the allegations leveled against her by the RCMP were dropped. “I pleaded with Mr. Harper to tell [me] what he thought I had done wrong in order to be able to address these allegations head on and to be able to defend myself,” said Guergis. “Unfortunately, he refused.”

The Globe and Mail

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