Gull wings get a song

Bricklin musical commissioned in Fredericton

The story of the Bricklin, a slick ’70s sports car with vertically opening gull-winged doors, is one of incredible optimism and massive failure. In 1973, New Brunswick premier Richard Hatfield and American promoter Malcolm Bricklin became partners in the creation a unique car that could put New Brunswick on the map. But not even 3,000 vehicles were built, and the government lost around $23 million. Now the story’s being made into a musical commissioned by the Fredericton Playhouse. Tim Yerxa, the Playhouse’s director, thinks it’s perfect for the stage. “It has all the trappings of a great piece of theatre—there are big dreams, risk takers, a sexy sports car, heated political controversy, and pulsating disco music. What else could you ask for in a musical?”

CBC News