Hackers plan to take down Sony websites this weekend

Alleged plan involves publicizing user names, addresses and credit card info

Hackers say they’re planning a third “major” attack against Sony websites, according to tech news site CNET report. The allegation comes from an observer of a chat channel used by hackers, who noticed discussion of a plan to break into Sony’s website for a third time this weekend. The alleged plan involves publicizing some or all of the user information hackers will manage to steal, which could include customers’ names, addresses and credit card numbers. Sony has already suffered two successful breaches in mid April that compromised data for more than 100 million accounts, and forced it to temporarily shut down PSN, Qriocity, and Sony Online. The attacks triggered investigations by the FBI and Congress, among others, and authorities in the U.K., Canada, and Taiwan. The latest revelation from CNET seems to suggest the hacker group Anonymous, initially indicated by Sony as the most likely culprit, might not be behind the cyber war against the company. Anonymous has denied any involvement.


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