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Hard Habs to break

Les Glorieux fell another giant, and the merriment goes up a notch


Sometimes a game is more than just a game. When it’s the playoffs, and when Montreal is involved, it’s just … better. Even Habs haters admit it. The sounds are sharper, the colours brighter, the atmosphere just a bit more charged. Hard enough to resist that the (gasp!) Toronto Sun proclaimed “T.O.’s got Habs Fever!” on it’s front today, after the Canadiens took down Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins in a stunning Game 7 victory, winning their quarter-final round. It was the second upset the Habs have inflicted on a heavily favoured opponent in the ‘10 playoffs—the Washington Capitals suffered the same—and it sent fans into the streets of Montreal. Around midnight things got a little out of hand. Bottles flew, a window got smashed. There was minor looting. But the resident idiots couldn’t dampen the glee of those from coast to coast who worship la Sainte Flanelle, knowing their team was going deep into the playoffs for the first time since it won the Stanley Cup in 1993.

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