Stars remember Roger Ebert

'The movies won't be the same without Roger'

Roger Ebert: ‘Millions of thumbs up for you’

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It is with a heavy heart we report that legendary film critic Roger Ebert (@ebertchicago) has passed awaySuntimes
There is a hole that can’t be filled. One of the greats has left us. Roger Ebert has passed away at the age of 70.
True friend of indie cinema & favorite film critic @ebertchicago will be sorely missed. Roger Ebert thumbs up! Foundation
Young Roger Ebert
"The movies won’t be the same without Roger." —President ObamaBarack Obama
#tweetbyhand 69 Roger Ebert will be missed Figgis
President Obama’s statement on the passing of Roger Ebert. Itzkoff
R.I.P. Mr. Ebert B.
An 80‎s throwback: Gene Siskel on the left, Roger Ebert on the right. Rest in Peace gentlemen. A very happy memory Maltin
Goodbye Roger Ebert, we had fun. The balcony is closed.Steve Martin
Roger Ebert was an excellent writer, a gifted artist, and as nice a guy as you’ll ever meet. Sad he’s gone.Jimmy Kimmel Truly one of Chicago’s Very Own. RIP, Mr. Ebert.WGNTV
Roger Ebert. Millions of thumbs up for you. RIPMichael Moore
Oh. The wonderful Roger Ebert died. He had written this marvellous piece about death:… RIP REStephen Fry
If cancer came to take me piece by piece, I hope I could summon even a fraction of the grace Roger Ebert showed us, in such abundancemia farrow
Flowers are placed near Siskel and Ebert pic at the Gene Siskel Film Center for @suntimes film critic @ebertchicago Koscielniak
Shocked and truly, deeply saddened at the loss of the great Roger Ebert. A legend. His voice will be missed.Anna Kendrick
Thanks Mr. Ebert.Steve Carell
"Look how happy I am. This led to an explosion of writing." –Roger Ebert’s Post-It Note"Ngasri.
I Miss My Dear Friend Roger Ebert.Roger Was One Of The 1st Major Movie Critics To Support My Joints,Especially Malcolm X And DTRT.-R.I.P.Spike Lee
RIP Roger Ebert. We’ve lost a passionate and broad minded force for cinema of all shapes sizes and genres. A fine courageous writer and manRon Howard
Sad to hear about the passing of Roger Ebert, he was a grand man & in my opinion the dean of American film critics-he will be sorely missedLarry King
RIP Roger Ebert.–a critic of a different tine -who wrote intelligently and passionately about film – not fameJohn Cusack
Roger Ebert was the real deal! He loved movies, for real! Great guy, good friend. Always made me smile. Thanks for all you were!Samuel L. Jackson
So very sad to hear about the passing of Roger Ebert. One of the best in our business. Ever. I will cherish our last conversation… #RIPjian ghomeshi
R.I.P. Roger Ebert. It was a privilege to interact with you. Thank you for the support, the criticism, and the true love for the movies.Diablo Cody
Rest in peace. Great writer. Better man RT @Suntimes: It is w/a heavy heart we report that legendary film critic Roger Ebert has passed awayAlan Sepinwall
Here is the front page for our special section from tomorrow’s paper, honoring Roger.
Chicago lost a man that was truly an icon in our city, yet he made no frills about being one.. That is the kind of legacy I would love to leave one day… R.I.P. Roger EbertRyan Jiloca
Of the millions of words Roger Ebert wrote, these are my favourite. May we all do as he did, and live by them. Jordan Harris
RIP Roger EbertDon McDaniel