HRT rehabilitated?

Hormone Replacement Therapy was considered a bit of a wonder drug during the 90s. It was said to improve your sex life, slow aging and eliminate those embarrassing post-menopausal hot flashes. Then the health concerns surfaced: a number of studies showed it increased the incidence of strokes, breast cancer and heart attacks. Needless to say, the drug dramatically fell from favour.

A new study published today may make some preliminary steps towards rehabilitating it. After a year on the drug, women reported better sexual functioning, fewer hot flushes (9 % v 25 %), night sweats (14% v 23%) aching joints and muscles (57 % v 63 %), insomnia (35% v 41%) and vaginal dryness (14% v 19 %). However, they also reported more breast tenderness (16% v 7%) and vaginal discharge (14% v 5%). Other menopausal symptoms, such as depression and overall quality of life weren’t that different.

So overall, a bit of a mixed bag for HRT. Less body pain and insomnia and better sex for those who take it, but increased risk of breast cancer, heart problems and strokes.

Which would you choose?

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