Huh. That was actually unexpected..

The whole Bernier resignation thing, obviously. I mean, yes, we’ve been predicting his imminent ministerial demise for weeks now, but I figured he’d go the way of Rona Ambrose or Gordon O’Connor — out with a whimper, not a bang. Er, no pun intended.

It definitely makes tonight’s interview with Julie Couillard must-watch TV – maybe then we’ll have some idea what actually happened, because really — Bernier just this weekend “became aware” that he accidentally left confidential documents at a “private residence”? Does tonight’s clip feature the lady in question waving a pile of clearly eyes-only papers? And what happens at committee of the whole on Thursday?

So many questions. If only there was a period of time when such questions could be posed, and answers given by people who aren’t Peter Van Loan.