Superstorm Sandy vs. CNN's Ali Velshi

Aaron Hutchins watches the people watching CNN

Hurricane Sandy vs. CNN’s Ali Velshi

Storified by Maclean’s Magazine · Mon, Oct 29 2012 20:22:48

Hurricane Sandy hitting Atlantic City may have caused power outages, a mandatory evacuation, and plenty of damage to the city, but that didn’t stop CNN’s Ali Velshi from braving the storm. Here’s some photos and thoughts from those watching from the comfort of their own homes.
This guy is the star of the show so far! ‘Hurricane Ali’ Velshi! He’s currently standing in the eye of the storm! Vitty
Best moment from Ali Velshi’s Sandy coverage today: scahill
I do not understand what CNN gains by having Ali Venshi yelling into the storm right now. Except, perhaps, a lawsuit.Julianna Cummins
Dear @CNN, please let Ali Velshi GO INSIDE BEFORE HE BLOWS AWAY AND DIES. OMG – JGo Fug Yourself
CNN’s Ali Velshi, getting good deals at the outlets in Atlantic City. McQuade
CNN interviewing Atlantic City mayor about the mandatory curfew, while showing image of Ali Velshi blowing aroundjeremy scahill
CNN clearly will not be satisfied until one of their reporters is swept out to sea. #sandyMark Frost
CNN’s Ali Velshi taking one for the team. Herrera
Ali Velshi is out-Anderson’ing Anderson. #Sandyshinan govani
Ali Velshi, idiot. Becket
Seriously worried that Ali Velshi is about to get eaten by a shark. #SandyJoe Padilla
Ali Velshi is still alive! And still in the water. @CNN is trying to kill him. Harper
Wondering who Ali Velshi made angry at CNN. Standing is waist deep water in AC has to be worth an Emmy. #freealivelshiRobert Wedge
@CNN What is Ali Velshi doing in the middle of that street?! GET HIM OUT OF THERE! #sandyMatt Collins
For the love of god, CNN, can you not at least literally throw Ali Velshi a rope? How much insurance did you take out on that poor man?Shannon Proudfoot
Ali Velshi is about to get washed away. He is up to his waste now. HA!trayze
When Ali Velshi ultimately drowns, at least we’ll know for certain that he was a witch.scottfeschuk