In defense of the Cheesecake Factory

Of course people like it, “calories are delicious”

Is the Cheesecake Factory gross? Is it wrong that so many overweight Americans keep going back? Don’t be so quick to judge the restaurant, argues the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein. Even respected food writers, like Michael Ruhlman (who recently ate there on a dare), can’t help but admit dishes like the miso salmon and the crispy beef really are good. Yes, the number of
calories in the dishes are astronomical (1,673 in the salmon). But as Klein points out “Calories are delicious.” Which is why the obesity crisis is such a problem. It would help if people were better educated about how many calories they’re ingesting, but the Cheesecake Factory is doing what any good business/restaurant does. It’s giving people good food that they enjoy,
at a good value.

The Washington Post