Investigation? Did I say investigation?

A top RCMP official suggested yesterday the force might be conducting an investigation involving former Foreign Affairs minister Maxime Bernier’s ex-girlfriend, Julie Couillard.

Under questioning by New Democratic Party MP Thomas Mulcair, assistant RCMP commissioner Raf Souccar let slip that an inquiry might be under way.

Asked by Mulcair whether he took notes while discussing the Bernier/Couillard affair with colleagues, Souccar said yes, but added not all of them could be shared with the committee.

“What would be the types of things that you would not share with us and why?” Mulcair asked.

“At this point, anything specific to the investigation, I would not be willing to share with you,” Souccar replied. But he appeared to back away from his comment when he was then asked: “What investigation?”

After the hearing, Souccar refused to confirm there is an investigation, when it started or what is being investigated. “I’m not willing to confirm or deny whether or not we are conducting an investigation, have conducted or will be conducting an investigation,” he said.